Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic physiotherapists specialise in treating back pain and injuries. 60% of adults suffer from back pain every year, and half become chronic sufferers.

Back pain is most often the result of poor posture, an injury or overuse, but there are other causes of back pain such as inflammation, and rarer, more serious problems such as progressive diseases affecting bones and joints.

Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic physiotherapists are highly trained to diagnose problems in the joints and muscles of the body, and will carry out a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan for your particular problem.

Physiotherapy for back pain provides a range of treatments to relieve pain and restore movement including exercise, manipulation, mobilisation, massage and preventive strategies.

Most of the quality spinal pain studies find that exercise is the intervention of greatest benefit. If you are prone to back pain, a physiotherapist can show the most appropriate exercises for your problem.

Common back injuries we treat

Disc bulge (sometimes called prolapsed or extruded disc)

The disc between the vertebrae may become damaged and bulge slightly, causing pressure on the nerves. This can cause back pain, leg pain, pins and needles and possible numbness. Physiotherapy treatment the first option preferred by doctors and specialists as well as occasionally further investigations such as an XRay or MRI.


The term used to refer to pain originating from pressure or irritation to the sciatic nerve. This nerve exits the spine in the lower back and travels down the leg. Causes of sciatica may include a disc bulge or poor posture. Only the most severe cases require management other than physiotherapy and exercise.

Ligament or joint sprain and muscle spasm

Often caused by heavy lifting, prolonged bending or sporting injuries. Pain usually felt in lower back, sometimes one sided. May cause pain to radiate into buttock or leg. Movement is often restricted. Physiotherapy treatment for this type of back injury usually gives good results and can reduce recovery time and prevent ongoing problems.

Postural back pain

Poor posture is one of the most common causes of back pain, frequently presenting at Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic. Work desk set up, standing or lifting posture and sleeping position may all be contributing factors. Back pain and injuries are often caused by weak abdominal and back muscles, contributing to poor posture and reduced ‘core strength’. Some back care professions and practitioners neglect exercise as part of self-management, however it is the scientifically proven intervention of greatest benefit in the majority of back pain.

Degenerative changes

Back pain and stiffness may develop from ‘wear and tear’ to the spinal joints and discs. This can be degenerative in nature, be gradual in onset, and may become chronic. Early morning stiffness and pain with prolonged standing is a common complaint.

Preventative advice will be provided by Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic physiotherapists regarding the causes of your back pain and ways to stop this back pain from happening again:

This advice may include:

  • Manual handling advice – i.e. advice when lifting heavy objects or babies
  • Strengthening exercises for your core
  • Ergonomic advice – is your workstation and your chair setup correctly to fit you?
  • Posture in standing and sleeping.

If you are in pain you could try

A warm bath

This will relax muscles and may reduce spasm.

Pain relief

Take some pain relief tablets (unless you have any medical condition, which prevents you doing so). This doesn’t just deal with the immediate pain but helps to reduce muscle spasm which is caused by pain.

A heat-pack or hot water bottle

This will soothe your back and reduce muscle spasm.

Some practitioners recommend a hot pack followed by a cold pack – although this is not common practice, some patients find this helpful. Do take care with the cold pack though – they can induce spasm and make the problem worse, and of course, you need to make sure you don’t put an ice pack directly onto your skin.

Seeing a Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic physiotherapist

You shouldn’t have to suffer with regular back pain. Most backs get better with straightforward treatment.

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