Neck and arm pain could be a repetitive strain injury (RSI). Repetitive strain injuries are caused by repetitive movement leading to muscular pains or problems with nerves, ligaments and joints.

Often work related, the incidence of RSI has risen dramatically with the use of computers, which need only a limited range of movement. Other groups of working people can be affected, including typists, musicians, shop staff and factory workers.

Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic physiotherapists are post graduate educated and experienced in treating muscle, nerve, joint and ligament complaints. After assessing your posture, workplace, lifestyle and work patterns, we will devise a treatment program. This may include stretching exercises, mobilisation and electrotherapy, such as ultrasound, to speed up the healing process.

If treatment is delayed, RSI can take longer to clear up. We also provide information to help minimise your risk.

If you are experiencing an injury which you think could be an RSI, here are some ideas you could try – but remember, this in no way replaces a proper examination or treatment:

  • Review our Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic workstation assessment, ergonomic workstations download and our office workstation exercises
  • Take a break: If you are suffering with RSI it really is essential to change whatever you are doing that is causing the problem.
  • A warm pack on your neck can ease pain: There are lots of specifically designed warm packs for your neck on the market.
  • Try using your computer mouse in your other hand.

Occupational health

The Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic provides treatment and guidance for work-related injuries. Occupational rehabilitation to maintain the injured worker in, or return them to suitable employment. Rehabilitation management will include communication with the employer, the workplace, other health professionals and the insurer.

Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic provides;

  • ergonomic design assessment
  • hazard and risk assessment
  • controlling hazards and risks using the hierarchy of controls
  • occupational rehabilitation
  • assessment for return to work

Professional fees for patients with workers’ compensation claim may be billed directly to the insurer.

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