Fran has spent her physiotherapy career working in a private practice setting, treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions. She has a strong belief in client education, pre-habilitation and long-term strength and conditioning and works in breaking down the biomechanics of every movement so that she can functional retrain and strengthen muscles in and around the movement that is causing pain.  With a strong interest in Sports Physiotherapy Fran is currently studying her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe and has a degree in physiotherapy and exercise sports science majoring in sports physiology and biomechanics.

She has an interest in Acute and chronic spinal conditions, Shoulder, hip, Knee and ankle injuries and conditions and sporting injuries.  She is currently head physiotherapist for the Women’s Team at Old scotch Football club, and currently travels and works with the development squads for NRL Victoria.  She has worked with a number of athletes across a wide range of sports, such as AFL, Basketball, Volleyball and swimming, and provides screening to help identify specific weaknesses and imbalances that can affect performance.

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