Privacy Policy

Our practice takes great care to ensure that our information records are accurate and are treated with full regard to the privacy of our patients. Following is an outline of the privacy policy of our practice:

We only collect information from our patients that is necessary to properly diagnose and treat your condition, and to follow up on your recovery. We aim to ensure that any information we hold is accurate, complete, and up to date. In addition to information that we gather directly from our patients we may obtain information from other medical professionals who have treated or assessed the patient, or from the patient’s employer.

The health information we hold helps to provide our patients with the best possible health care, and is normally disclosed only to other health care practitioners – such as your doctor – involved in your treatment (or where disclosure is required by law). If we need to disclose information about you to people other than those associated with your treatment, we will seek your permission first.

In line with normal business procedures, this practice maintains contact lists and mailing lists of people with whom we do business or wish to contact from time to time. Should you wish not to be part of our contact lists, please let our staff know. If you believe the information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up to date, you may request in writing that the information is corrected.

This practice is bound by the Private Sector Act (2000) and the Health Records Act (2001), and operates in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Disclaimer and Copyright

The information contained within our website does not replace treatment and should not be used as such. If your particular problem is not improving you should consult a qualified physiotherapist. Physiotherapy is not an exact science. We use a systematic approach to gather information that will be used to produce objective improvements in solving your individual problem.

Any reproduction or unauthorised use of material contained herein is prohibited unless the written permission of the author is obtained. Copyright 2012 Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic.