Remedial Massage Melbourne

Remedial massage can help alleviate discomfort associated with every day and occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many chronic pain syndromes.

It also reduces the development of painful muscles if employed early enough after accidents involving trauma or injury.

Massage can accelerate the rate of recovery and is a powerful adjunct in the treatment of both long-standing and acute injuries.

Sports massage

Sports Massage is used by athletes at all levels to help prevent injury. It is commonly utilised one or two days prior to competition. It is also used to help prevent an excessive build up of scar tissue following injury and can stretch specific areas in a way that may not be possible with exercise.

Massage is also common in the days following competition to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and enhance your body’s healing processes and speed recovery leading to earlier return to training.

Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic Massage Therapists are committed to offering exemplary remedial massage in Melbourne. A supporter of the philosophy and practice of preventative health, our Massage Therapists help clients improve the health of their bodies and mind by providing an understanding of their condition and apply corrective and preventative massage treatment and exercise.

Private Health insurance cover

In many instances, (with extras cover), you may be covered for remedial massage, you may also have massage as part of your physiotherapy treatment. At Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic post graduate educated physiotherapists work together with Massage Therapists to optimise your treatment results.

You should consult your health insurer before attending as different insurers have differing policies.

Remedial massage appointments

What to wear? Generally you remove all clothing except undergarments. The therapist ensures your privacy and that you are properly draped, and only the portion of your body that is being massaged is exposed.

Our fees are less than those recommended by the Institute of Registered Myotherapists Australia. Rebates are available through most private health funds. Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic is WorkCover accredited.

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Clinical Myotherapists

Will Conly Remedial Massage Melbourne

Will Conly

Will has worked in private practice as well as with elite sport teams and athletes including the Sydney Swans, the Melbourne Tigers Basketball team and with young athletes at GMVA (Volleyball academy).

Will Conly

Morgan King Myotherapy Melbourne

Morgan King

Morgan is a myotherapist at the Richmond Football Club and comes highly recommended from the head myotherapist at the Australian Ballet, where she has also worked.

Morgan King